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My passion for journalism and writing has attracted some intriguing niches, featuring equine and surf editorial work, general copywriting, and real estate content writing. The goal for all my work remains the same; to share some stories and inspire action. 

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Real Estate Copywriting

Curated the property description portion of this luxury Sotheby's listing. See the project here. 

Editorials and feature writing

From the latest rankings in surf competitions to new small business openings, The Raglan Chronicle and subsequent magazine, The Local Rag, has been keeping Raglan locals in the know for ages.

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After having worked the barn and trails on this Colorado ranch, I was able to use my journalistic and visual skills to create a new gallery page for their website. 

Editorial and Feature Pieces

Worked as a part-time journalist for this equine-curated magazine for a year, creating articles and content to keep up with the latest trends and happenings within the equine industry. View my articles.

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Ranch and Resort Realty

Real estate writing

With a site relaunch around the corner, realtors Hallie Myher and Christy Belton asked me to write family-friendly articles to inform potential buyers about the ranch's local community and area.

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